first words

*deep breath*
I’ve never done this before…acted on my attraction to a woman…so I’m reserved and totally shy because I really, really don’t want to muck it up and really, really want to be with you more and more.  I can’t tell you eloquently enough how the sound of your moans send tingles thru my body and make my nipples ache, how the look of ecstasy on your beautiful face and the catch of your breath as I had the incredible pleasure of introducing you to Magic last night with the guys…god’s, you made me so wet and I was shaking for wanting to touch you and make you do that again for me.  I just…wanted to make sure you knew all this as I’m sitting here in my chair, smiling at your spot on the couch, hearing your cries in my fantasy…
You, every part of you that you have graced me to see, are exquisite.  Rapier wit, the soft slope of your perfect breasts, your eyes sparkling with intelligence and that incredibly sensual mouth of yours; I want to see more, to know you in all senses of the word.  I sound like a poor excuse for a poet, a lust-struck teenager with all the charm and poise of a crib girl but the thrill I get when a message pops onto my phone?  That little ‘ding’ that lets me know that you thought of me enough to write to me back?  My heart flutters when I hear it.  It takes all my self control not to drop everything and snatch at my phone because my stomach is flipping.  I cant believe how lucky I am and how much I want to know what you have to say back.  I was just now talking on my business phone and looking at my computer and nearly gave myself whiplash as my head swung to the notification of your response.
So…I’m new here…and I really hope that I don’t put you off because of that.  I’m fighting nearly 30 years of…repression isnt quite the right word; inexperience?  Women aren’t like men.  Shocker, I know. For starters, we’ve certainly talked far more than I have with any male I was attracted to, so I know there is one big difference.  But I am not usually “good” with women.  I have very , very few women friends and those that I do have are generally in a position of power with those straight shooting, no nonsense attitudes that most people struggle with being friendly with.  Calling them ‘masculine’ would be unfair to both genders and, since I am that kind of person too, incorrect about me too.  In general I am thought of as a bit of a bitch because I have high standards for work and have no problem moving you out of my way to get the job done properly if you aren’t cutting it.  And since work is the #1 place I spend time and meet people, you can imagine that I dont have many friends.  3.  I have 3 women friends that I could call on to help me move bodies…and one of those I’m not entirely sure of.  So the scenarios I have running thru my head of your legs thrown over my shoulders, your hands grasping hard in my hair simultaniously pushing me closer while you squirm trying to pull my tongue away from your sensitive clit? Yeah, I have no idea what to do with those.  With a guy I would send pictures of me posing in an alluring way…do I do that with you too?  I know that I would like to see you posed for me…but…I dont know.  I just don’t know what to do.  I know want I WANT to do but I don’t want to do anything…wrong.  That would be why I havent kissed you though I saw so many openings and chances.  Why I haven’t reached to touch you even though I want to so very badly.  Why, even when you were spead so beautifully below me on Saturday, I let the guys have the pleasure of touching your gorgeous breasts, of nibbling your oh so perfect nipples while I stayed firmly at your hip, barely touching more than your thigh though I would have rather dove face first into your wetness.
I can’t wait to see you again.  I promise that I will be doing my damndest not to be so shy because there is nothing in this world that I am looking forward to more than that first taste of your kiss.

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