Commuter Musing #1

I wish you were here…or that I was there.
I need to cum so badly and there is nothing that feels better than your cock inside of my pussy.
The thought of you stretching me, the memory of feeling you fill me from behind just has me so wet; I’m squirming in my seat, pressing my thighs together to try and give myself a little pleasure but it is nothing that compares to the feeling of you.
I don’t know why the memory of your dick inside of me causes such radiations of pleasure but I love the wetness that springs from me just with the thought of you being buried deep. The feeling of your arms reaching around and your hands on my clit pushing me further and further into Bliss…
I ache in the memory of you the feeling of your arms wrapped around me,  the strength of your hands caressing me and the feeling of your fingers as they wrap around my neck. The pull of your hands tangled in my hair, dragging me sharply closer to you, urging me to take all of you into my warm, wet mouth and holding me there as I swallow and slurp, tongue dancing in the way I know drives you to distraction.
There is little that can make me wetter than the thought of you commanding me, taking control and making me submit to your wants and desires. The sharp crack of your hand against my ass dissolves my outward sense of myself and the thought of you there behind me slowly, slowly pushing into me and then all of a sudden rough and strong forcing your cock deep inside of me sends me into waves of heat.
It’s almost difficult to keep focused on the road as I’m driving here I just want to have you inside of me so badly. I’m trying to keep my focus as I squirm against my seat clenching and releasing my size bring one breast from the shirt that I’m wearing so I can play with a nipple as I drive…that little bit of pleasure to help get me through the monotony of the road.
Wishing every moment that I could turn off to your entrance knowing that what I want is you at mine.

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